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  • Bi-Office Black PerFormer Flipchart Easel EA5800145

    Code: BQ50580
    Pack size: Each

    Bi-Office Performer Flipchart Easel. Fully mobile easel with a five star castor base for stability, easy height adjuster, double sided revolving drywipe boards and a full length pen tray. Suitable for use with both A1 and Euro size flipchart pads.
    GBP BQ50580 291.35 £ 291.35 Inc. Tax £ 349.62
  • Bi-Office Black Premiere Flipchart Easel EA3500072

    Code: BQ50350
    Pack size: Each

    Bi-Office Premiere Flipchart Easel. Premium two sided easel with a drywipe board on one side and notice board on the other. Height adjustable unit, portable and suitable for use in any environment. Board Size: 950x700mm. Overall height 1200mm.
    GBP BQ50350 98.99 £ 98.99 Inc. Tax £ 118.79
  • Bi-Office Frameless Mobile Magnetic Flipchart Easel 900x600mm EA6700115

    Code: BQ50670
    Pack size: Each

    Bi-Office Mobile Flipchart Easel. Mobile A1 flipchart easel with a melamine drywipe board, pen tray and sturdy five-star base with lockable castors. Whiteboard - 900x600mm.
    GBP BQ50670 129.99 £ 129.99 Inc. Tax £ 155.99
  • Bi-Office White A1 Easy Flipchart Easel EA4600046

    Code: BQ50000
    Pack size: Each

    Bi-Office Easy Flipchart Easel. Easy to use lightweight aluminium easel for use with A1 size flipchart pads or as a drywipe board. Features height adjustable legs, extendible arms and full length pen/eraser tray.
    GBP BQ50000 72.99 £ 72.99 Inc. Tax £ 87.59
  • Bi-Office White Earth-It Flipchart Easel EA4676995

    Code: BQ50083
    Pack size: Each

    Bi-Office Earth-It Tripod Easel. Durable and lightweight aluminium framed flipchart easel made from 80% recycled material. Supplied with A1 flipchart pad made from 100% recycled material.
    GBP BQ50083 118.02 £ 118.02 Inc. Tax £ 141.63
  • Durable Durastar Table Top Presenter A4 Portrait 8564/39

    Code: DB81076
    Pack size: Each

    Unique and distinctive portable display easel providing impact at all presentations, exhibitions and training sessions. The rigid spine provides both strength and ability to file upright on shelves. A4 portrait. Size: H360 x W240 x D320mm. 50mm spine.
    GBP DB81076 59.61 £ 59.61 Inc. Tax £ 71.53
  • Nobo Blue/Silver Piranha Mobile Flipchart/Drywipe Easel 1901920

    Code: NB17091
    Pack size: Each

    Optimum stability, versatile and stylish Ideal for busy training areas Unique removable writing rule for straight text and lines Magnetic drywipe framed board Spring-assisted flip-up pad clamp for quick change of pad Sliding hooks accommodate most pads Two extending side arms for extra page display Supplied with four magnets to attach pages to side arms Large format folding pen tray with pen clips to keep pens secure Height-adjustable central stem with five castor base
    GBP NB17091 260.27 £ 260.27 Inc. Tax £ 312.32
  • Nobo Dark Blue Barracuda Mobile Flipchart/Drywipe Easel 1902386

    Code: NB25017
    Pack size: Each

    Magnetic drywipe surface Height is adjustable Five-castor mobile base with locking castors Oversized drywipe surface for extra notes Adjustable pad hooks for any type of pad WxH: 700x1000mm
    GBP NB25017 272.37 £ 272.37 Inc. Tax £ 326.84
  • Nobo Shark Flipchart and Drywipe Easel Blue and Silver 1901918

    Code: NB17089
    Pack size: Each

    GBP NB17089 170.59 £ 170.59 Inc. Tax £ 204.71
  • Q-Connect A1 Flipchart Easel

    Code: KF04173
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect flipchart easel suitable for A1 flipchart pads. Height adjustable with telescopic legs allows easel to be used on the desk or table. Complete with full length pen tray.
    GBP KF04173 69.99 £ 69.99 Inc. Tax £ 83.99
  • Q-Connect Deluxe Magnetic Flipchart Easel

    Code: KF01775
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect Deluxe Flipchart Easel with integral magnetic drywipe surface. Variable height settings, can be used floor standing or desktop. Smart modern design to suit any office, pad clamp instantly adjustable for both European or US flipchart pads.
    GBP KF01775 133.99 £ 133.99 Inc. Tax £ 160.79